How Casting Tools Works

Casting Tools takes all the hard work out of your casting projects, removes all the admin headaches

and increases the security & confidentiality of the information. Want to know how it works? 

Read on!

Create Your Clients

You as the Casting Director create any number of clients that we can assign to casting projects.

Add Your Casting Project

You can add as many projects as you want, for acting or voice acting and assign your clients to each casting project.

Add Your Project Roles

Once you've added your project, you add in one or many roles to that project. In the role you can add in scripts for the actors to download, videos and audio references, stipulations on whether to slate your audition, restriction on the technical specs to upload, specify the end-date for audition submissions, the fee's and usage involved and much more!

Invite Your Actors!

You can invite actors to audition for your role in 3 different ways:

  • If you have your own email lists of actors, Casting Tools gives you a specific link to send to them - however you would like to send it - in your own CRM or your own mail programs

  • Once your own actors have signed up, you can use our internal Search/Invite tool to invite your preferred actors, at the click of a button

  • You can also search from our global pool of actors who have public profiles and invite them to audition for your projects.

Not only that, you can choose to send invites for individual roles or to audition for any roles you have created for the whole project!

The Actor's Audition - NDA Signed - Audition Received!

Your chosen actors are given a window to audition, based on your audition close date, and all the information they need to be able to successfully audition for you.

To get access to the audition materials, the actors must sign a NDA (if you've specified that's the case). Isn't that cool? You no longer have to worry about tiresome NDA administration! 

The actors can them upload their audition material - audio clips or video clips - along with any notes on the audition and on their availability during the period. 

Grade, Shortlist and Choose the Candidates

You get to see a randomised list of all audition submissions, all in one place. At the click of a button you can grade (1-10) each audition, make a shortlist or even choose the final candidate if you are casting the project in solo.

Invite Your Clients to Participate?

We provide a link for you to invite one or many clients to participate in the casting process. Once they have created an account (for free) they will have access to the audition results. 

You can choose whether they see your graded shortlists or all the submissions. You can choose whether they see the names of the actors or anonymized submissions

The clients can also grade your auditions themselves and mark which ones they prefer - you will see an ordered, aggregated score set from all your clients combined in your casting dashboard! 

If you choose to, you can even let your clients select the final choice from your shortlists and pick the winning candidate! 

Actors get Automatic Feedback & Global Grading

All actors receive a global ranking grade. This is based on a long-term aggregate of casting directors and clients.

As a casting director, you can search for actors based on global ranking scores to make sure you are getting the top talent you want. A score of more than 6 is generally considered good as scores are averaged over each job they do.

As an actor you can choose to reset your global ranking - but be aware that in doing so you will miss out on auditions where casting directors are searching for highly ranked actors only!

This system encourages the end of "Fire and Forget" auditions where some actors do not take appropriate care, time and effort with their process, and to encourage the highest level of quality auditions we can!